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What to look for and questions to ask

Buying furniture can be one of the most enjoyable shopping experiences. However, it’s important to know what to look for and what questions to ask the salesperson in-store.

This furniture buying guide will help you ask yourself and the seller the right questions to choose the perfect pieces for your home!

Will it fit my space?

If you are serious about purchasing furniture, you need to come prepared with precise measurements. Before heading to any furniture store, you should get your measuring tape and write down the measurements for each room you intend to furnish.

For example, if you need a new sofa for your living room, you don’t want to choose something that doesn’t fit or restricts the space. Also, some furniture can make you melancholy like a wine bar, but if you’re not really going to use it or can’t adapt it, it’s best to pass.

What colors match your aesthetic?

In a room that hasn’t been decorated yet, like when you’re moving into a brand new house, you have a clean slate to work with. But if you’re updating the furniture in an old room, you need to pay attention to your surroundings. What furniture do you have? Will you paint the walls or keep the same color?

Taking photos of your room will help you compare it to the furniture in the store. You can also show the seller to see if he has any suggestions on colors and styles that might fit well.

And the budget?

Price shouldn’t be the only determining factor in purchasing new furniture. However, it’s an important consideration. You should focus more on the quality and longevity of the furnishings you choose. This may mean paying a little more, but since you won’t have to replace it often, it will be worth it.

If you’re on a budget, be sure to let your salesperson know about the range you’re working with so they can help you find items that are within budget expectations.

Can it be customized?

Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with a sofa or headboard but would prefer it in a different color. You might be surprised to find that some pieces can be customized. This may incur an additional charge, so be sure to find out first to avoid any surprises.

What materials were used to make it?

Something that appears to be solid wood it can be made from wood, just as something that looks like leather can be a synthetic material. Understanding these differences is important, not only for pricing but also for knowing how to care for this furniture.

It makes sense to find out how long it will last based on how it was made and what it was made with. Also, you should find out how you will need to maintain the furniture you choose. Genuine leather will need to be properly cleaned and conditioned, and some fabrics may require more care than others.

Are there any guarantees?

Most stores offer warranties and guarantees on their products, or these can be extended by the furniture manufacturer. Many people have received their furniture only to have buyer’s remorse. Make sure you check the return policies and other fine print so you know what to do if you have a warranty or return issue.

Is this piece strong enough to stand up to kids and pets?

The furniture you buy is an investment you want to protect. You want your home to feel lived in and not like a museum where you are constantly yelling at everyone not to touch anything. For kids, pets, or even adults who tend to spill coffee, soda, or red wine, make sure you pick something that can survive a little wear and tear.

Will I like this furniture years from now?

Having a home filled with trendy furniture is great, but make sure you choose pieces that are timeless enough to match the new decor. Let the accessories match the trends by choosing furniture that can match any style.

Now that you know what to ask for, visit your local furniture store in Fort Myers, Florida to start your furniture shopping!