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Watch us build a virtual reality experience using live AI!

CenarioVR already makes creating VR scenarios incredibly simple. All you have to do is upload your 360º images, add hotspots, animations, objects, quizzes, etc. and publish. Then view real-time results and analytics in your dashboard.

We have now added a new feature to save you time and money – the AI ​​wizard.

Forget your camera and big production budgets. Our new AI wizard can generate any 360º image for you, creating the perfect background scenery for your immersive learning.

A significant 64% of companies believe AI will help increase overall productivity, as revealed in a Forbes Advisor survey.

In this webinar, learning solutions engineer Josh Bleggi showed attendees how to create a gamified VR landscape using our new built-in AI Wizard and other AI tools. You will see how the AI ​​wizard can generate background images such as corporate offices and warehouses, up to more fantastic scenarios such as the surface of Mars or a fantasy world.

He also shared how he used ChatGPT to generate text for a hero’s journey theme for his eLearning course sample. The AI ​​has written an introduction and various challenges that the student faces throughout the course.

Josh noted that for a real course, he probably would have edited the AI-generated copy to make it shorter and a little easier. Despite the verbosity, ChatGPT’s answers are a fantastic example of how you can use open source AI to give you a jumping off point in developing eLearning content.

Watch the webinar recording to see the AI ​​wizard in action.

For more details on using the AI ​​wizard, check this out send.

97% of business owners believe that ChatGPT will help their business.

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