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Our Favorite Awards from 2023

2023 was a crazy year. There were challenges and there were successes. We wanted to take a moment to share a few of those successes that brought immense pride and accomplishment to our team here at ELB Learning. 

These are a few of our favorite accolades garnered by our innovative software and services in the past year. These accolades serve as a testament not just to the strength of our technology and services, but to YOU—our clients and customers who made it all possible. We wouldn’t be here without the innovative learning solutions you created with our tools or without the clients who trusted us to create something out of the box for their training needs.


ELB Learning’s Top 2023 Awards


Brandon Hall Group

We earned Gold in the category of Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology for our entry “How The Studio by ELB Learning Uses High-Impact & Immersive Learning Technologies to Drive ROI.

This is our first award for The Learning Creation Studio  as a whole and we couldn’t be happier to be recognized by the esteemed Brandon Hall Group awards program. The Studio is a collection of our creation apps to create engaging and immersive learning experiences—all in one place. It delivers a single login, dashboard, and pricing for our most popular learning apps, among much, much, more.



Together with partners and clients, we received 3 LearnX awards this past year. They are:

Best eLearning Design – Best Accessibility

  • Plan My Ride: How a Research-Based, Accessible, eLearning program in Lectora and CenarioVR Prevented Teens from being Distracted and Impaired while Driving

Best Virtual Reality Training Project – Best VR (Health & Safety Training)

How the “Professional Contractor Course by 811 Pro” is working to prevent 30 Billion Dollars of Utility and Environmental Damage and increase Worker Safety by Using CenarioVR

Product Used: CenarioVR


Best eLearning Design – Best New Game Integrated

How This Immersive Game, HackOps, Teaches Cyber Smarts to Workers

Products Used: CenarioVR, custom development



We earned Best In Show Vendor at DevLearn for a custom project created for Benefit Cosmetics. You can see the project here.


Training Industry

  • Top Advanced Learning Technologies Companies
  • Top Learning Services Companies
  • And more!

Training Magazine Network Choice Awards 2023

eLearning Industry

  • Top Content Providers For Immersive Learning
  • Top Microlearning LMS Software For Corporate Training
  • Best Authoring Tools For Game Design and Visual Storytelling 

These are just a few of the awards our clients, products, and services won in 2023. Thank you all for being part of the ELB Learning community and letting us help you achieve your training goals. We’re looking forward to seeing the awesomeness we create together in 2024!