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Leverage innovative eLearning solutions and educational strategies to grow your business

From outsourcing to onboarding and developing your workforce, you need technology made for the modern world. You can no longer expect everyone working on a given project or initiative to step in internally for every step of the way – your resources could be spread across the state, country or even around the world, and unless you you have the right instructional strategies in place, you will struggle to get everyone in the loop and on the same page to do their best collective work.

When some or most of your staff are remote, or if you want to give potential candidates the same opportunity to attract the best talent, you need an innovative eLearning solution that amplifies the capabilities of your most valuable resource: your people.

No matter what industry or field you’re in, knowledge is power, and that power can put you ahead of your competitors if you take the time to enable training and development that gets the best of all.

What is the value of eLearning?

First of all, innovative eLearning solutions AND teaching strategies it will help save your company money when onboarding, working with contractors, or when it comes to disseminating valuable information throughout your company. It can also help reduce lost time and productivity black holes from typical « training days » and other associated costs, making it beneficial for employees as well.

Beyond the benefit to your business, comprehensive educational strategies can increase employee retention on most topics by using highly interactive and engaging content that leverages gamification, video, and other rich content to ensure that everything shared is understood and implemented by your employees. This means less reliance on reference materials (although this is another area where eLearning shines) and not having to cover the same information twice, which equates to more attentive workers and an increase in the quality of their work .

For businesses that would like to offer the ability to work remotely but aren’t sure where to start, an innovative eLearning solution can give you the peace of mind you need to make the transition.

Most employers cite productivity issues as the biggest obstacle to remote working, but when you see how modern education strategies can help you train and hire the best candidates for the job, the benefit easily outweighs any perceived cost. .

eLearning also helps your workforce collaborate online in ways they would never otherwise be able to. That’s because in person you’d have to physically bring everyone together to disseminate information, and social pressures prevent most from giving you real, honest feedback. Offering asynchronous online learning gives everyone a chance to participate and a safe place to talk if they have an idea or problem to share.

When it comes to the modern workplace, your ideal employee lifestyle looks a lot different than the traditional « all in the office nine to five. » Employees who have flexibility and power throughout the day are happier employees, and happier employees are more inclined to do better work and be more engaged.

The best part is that innovative eLearning solutions easily scale to fit the size of any workforce, which is more than can be said for in-person training solutions, which are often difficult to scale both upwards and downwards. that down.

Did you know that the use of digital learning tools has more than doubled in the last 10 years? As for the Student intelligence report2020 saw another digital leap forward with spikes in eLearning courses, live online learning such as webinars, and the use of online performance support tools.

Reports indicate that eLearning:

  • Helped over 40% of American businesses a increase their incomes
  • Gets better student retention up to 60%, against 8% for face-to-face training
  • Gets better productivity by 25% and engagement by 18%

Whether it’s delivering training quickly and consistently, making training adaptable and customizable, or easily implementing and maintaining learning and development efforts, innovative eLearning solutions and robust instructional strategies can jump-start your organization.

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