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How to Facilitate Social Learning Like a Rockstar

Asynchronous learning has become increasingly prevalent in modern-day training, offering flexibility and personalized pacing for learners across the globe. But what’s a critical element missing? Real-time chatting. 

In this webinar, we hosted Veronika Lyovkin, Senior Product Manager of the Rockstar Learning Platform, and Domenic Caloia, Learning Solutions Architect, to demo a new Chat Module in the Rockstar Learning Platform. 

This webinar covered:

  • The new Chat Module feature and how it works
  • How this Chat Module integrates with social features within the Rockstar Learning Platform
  • Several ways to socialize learning

With Rockstar Learning Platform’s latest chat feature, you can facilitate social learning directly in the app. Learners can log in at any time, from any device, to get social, collaborative learning on the fly. With this chat module, you can:

  • Schedule weekly chat sessions, where managers can chat with employees
  • Create themed chats for different learner groups or different courses
  • Join the discussion at any time and see previous chats
  • Pin important messages on the learner’s home page once you disable the chat

Watch a short demo of the chat feature here:

With the chat module, whether you’re online at the same time or logged in at different times, you can host real-time discussions or asynchronous communication. 

Use the chat module for group chats or as a discussion thread, with different chats for different topics, to facilitate discussions and collaborations between learners. As a mentor, you can enroll learners in specific chats, add instructions, pin messages, and moderate chats to enable social learning (jump to 22:30 in the webinar recording below to learn more). 

A big use for this chat feature is a scheduled chat session, including a personalized chat URL, to get real-time responses from the instructor (jump to 12:12 in the recording to learn more). Another way to facilitate learning is to save your chats onto your board in the Rockstar Learning Platform, to share with any other user within your organization. This way important discussions are saved and it allows for other colleagues to jump on and contribute. 

Interested in trying out this chat module feature for yourself? Contact your account representative to add this feature to your Rockstar Learning Platform. If you are new, you can request a starter account to explore how Rockstar Learning Platform works!

Need further help learning how to create a chat within the Rockstar Learning Platform? Jump to 31:22 in the recording and learn from Domenic how to create your chat directly on your platform!