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How often should I replace or clean HVAC air filters?

If you want your air conditioner to work optimally, you need to take care of it. One of the most important things any homeowner can do is change their air filter regularly. This allows your HVAC system to perform at its best, but many people are left wondering how often these filters should be replaced. The answer will depend on a few factors. Here’s what to know to keep up with caring for your air conditioning system.

How often to change the air filters in your AC unit

In Houston, the general recommendation for replacing air filters in the HVAC system is every 30 days. This will depend on the type of filter you use, as those less expensive fiberglass filters aren’t designed to last as long. If you use a high-end type of filter, you may be able to last longer before replacing it. However, the best thing you can do is check it every 30 days, and if they aren’t covered in dust and dirt, plan on changing them every 90 days.

The longer the air filter stays in place, the more it becomes covered in dust, dirt, allergens and pet dander. This means it will reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner. There are other factors to consider in your home that may make you want to change your air filter more frequently.

Allergies or asthma

If someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, are more sensitive to airborne particles in your home. It’s important to change the filter every 4-6 weeks if anyone in the house has these problems.


If dogs or cats are part of your household, shedding pet hair and dander can clog your air filter more quickly. We recommend that you keep changing the filters every month for optimal AC efficiency.


Parents of small children should ensure the air quality it is top notch at home. This way you can prevent disease and help keep the house clean. Be sure to check and change the air filter monthly.

What Factors Affect the Life of HVAC Air Filters?

As you consider how often to change the air filters in your HVAC unit, think about the following factors.

How often do you use your HVAC system

When it’s hot in Houston, your AC will run almost constantly. We recommend changing the filter every month to prevent your system from being overloaded.

The size of your home

A bigger home means your air conditioner will have to work harder to pump enough cool air into your home. However, just because you have a smaller home doesn’t mean the filter can’t get dirty that fast.

Indoor air quality

Outdoor air quality will affect indoor air quality. If the air quality outside is poor or you have pets indoors, you’ll need to replace your air filter more frequently.

What happens if you don’t change the air filters?

The air circulating in the house all passes through the air filter. This simple filter is responsible for protecting your HVAC system. If you don’t keep them clean or change them, your system could break down and cause damaged parts.

Dirty air filters reduce the airflow into the system, which causes the fans to work harder than necessary. This means they will wear out faster. You’ll also cause your home’s energy usage to skyrocket, which means higher electric bills.

Air filters are designed to keep particles and contaminants out. Not only will a dirty air filter cause you and your family to continue breathing these things, but it will also slowly cause more wear and tear on your HVAC system.

Hold the air filter up to the light, and if you can’t see the light coming through, it’s time to change it. Check these filters every 30 days to be on the safe side and avoid the need for emergency repairs.

Don’t forget that in addition to replacing or cleaning HVAC filters; you should program Houston HVAC Service to keep your system well maintained throughout the year.