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eLBX Online 2023 is almost here!

The 2020 pandemic has caused many people to question “the new normal of L&D”. Was the face-to-face training over? What new innovation would save the day?

There have been many technological breakthroughs in recent years, including easier access to VR training development, time-saving tools like Artificial Intelligence, and more.

However, production expectations have increased over time with advances in technology. Learning professionals are expected to produce more and produce better results with LESS.

At ELB Learning, we are dedicated to helping you create better learning experiences. ELBX Online is part of it. This annual virtual conference features three days of valuable content, covering immersive learning, sales enablement, and other hot topics in online learning.

These are just some of the sessions you can expect:

Using gamified and simulated experiences to make high-value decisions under extreme pressure

Chuck Sigmund, President, ProMobile BI

Co-design and co-create immersive learning experiences at Western Sydney University

Sam Dessen, Senior XR Creative Developer, Western Sydney University

Revenue Enablement and Online Learning: High-Touch or No-Touch?

Chase Adams, Head of Sales, New Business (Americas), Go1, and Jordan Barbadillo, NAMER Sales Enablement Manager, Go1

Gamification and sales enablement go hand in hand like PB&J
Katie Kinsella, Account Executive, The Game Agency and Carlos A. del Cid Castillo,
Global Program Manager, TELUS International

Storyboarding with AI: Do’s, Don’ts, and How

Amber Rodbell, Custom Development Team Lead, ELB Learning and Michelle Pletch, Learning Experience Design Lead, ELB Learning

Join ELB Learning’s annual virtual conference to see how industry experts conquer these modern challenges!