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ELB Learning is disrupting the enterprise learning and development space with industry-first AI integrations

– Industry-leading suite of learning products and services is embracing AI, appointing John Blackmon with the additional title of Chief AI Officer and dedicating resources to entirely new learning tools –

American Fork, UT May 3, 2023 ELB Learning, a market leader offering the most comprehensive suite of learning products and services worldwide, today announced its investment in integrating AI solutions into its products and services. ELB Learning’s VR learning product, CenarioVR®, now features an AI wizard that creates 360-degree digital images at the touch of a button. Virtual reality training designed in CenarioVR allows employees to practice skills and problem solving in a safe and controlled environment. Additionally, the company announced that John Blackmon, ELB Learning CTO, is taking on an additional role as Chief AI Officer (CAIO), where he will be responsible for driving all AI innovations across the company.

“This is a revolutionary development in the enterprise learning industry and one that very few have incorporated into their product and service offerings,” said John Blackmon, CTO and CAIO of ELB Learning. “For the first time ever, learning and development customers will be able to integrate artificial intelligence into the instructional design of a course. We are focused on offering our customers the latest technology that enables the best training experience possible. »

CenarioVR, conceived and created by Blackmon, offers an immersive experience that promotes better knowledge retention and student engagement. With this new AI development, users can simply type in keywords and the AI ​​solution generates a 360-degree background scene. This leads to more efficient corporate training development as it saves clients the time and resources that would be required to create a scene themselves.

“At ELB Learning, we are committed to innovating the enterprise learning space and enabling our customers to have the highest quality tools at their fingertips,” said ELB Learning co-founder and CEO, Andrew Scivally. “We are currently developing a new feature in Lectora so that instructional designers can incorporate AI-generated feedback into learning scenarios. We are also working on using artificial intelligence in our games and other learning tools. The AI ​​Wizard via CenarioVR is just the first step of many more to come.

For more information about ELB Learning and its products and services, please visit the site elblearning. com.

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