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Adding gamification to your training: gamification strategies

The previous two articles are about adding games and gamification elements to our existing courses, LMS, and training processes. We have also seen how Arcades™ provide many gamification features such as digital badges and experience points. We’re now going to look at some strategies for applying some of these gamification features.


Head to head challenge

What could be more motivating than receiving a challenge from a colleague? Arcades has a feature where you can challenge a colleague to play the same game. Your score is saved and your colleague receives a challenge email with a link to the game. After playing, the results are displayed (see screenshot) and emailed to both players. Badges are also awarded to both players. Are you up to the challenge?

Social learning

If you’re part of a large organization, how do you engage a remote workforce? JEOPARDY!® and Trivia have a multiplayer option for up to 200 players. Just schedule a time and engage your employees in a fun learning experience. Virtually or in person, watch the fun as people interact with the game and with each other.

To give this strategy a twist, promote a multiplayer game on your website and engage potential customers in a fun way to learn about your products and services. This can be a great way to develop contacts. It’s so powerful that The Training Arcade® uses it. Join a game and see for yourself JEOPARDY!® L&D dating series.

Event games

Host a multiplayer game at your next event. Works great at conventions and trade shows. People log in and play on mobile phones while the game host acknowledges responses and leaderboards. This draws a crowd every time!

conference attendees play risk


Money talks! Arcades has the ability to award prizes. These can be gift cards, leisure, trophies, or bragging rights. This can be used in conjunction with any of the above strategies.

Create better learning experiences

As you can see, gamification is more than just adding gaming features to eLearning courses. Take learning to the next level by engaging employees in interactive activities that are fun while still being a great way to learn. In person, virtual or both, there are strategic approaches that will make you a training and development superstar!

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